WARM ONES: Pioneers In Song Length Customization

Warm Ones is the brevity that speaks in perfect harmony. Equal parts after-school special and soft porn, the Chicago four-piece specializes in aggressively catchy indie rock songs that range from bubble gum pop, found on such tracks as “Small Spies" and “Love For A Week" - to noisy garage riffs like “Bacteriostatic". The band is as experimental as it is grounded in simplicity and the result has been strong songs, dynamic recordings and memorable melodies.

Tony Sackett (vocals/guitar) teaches high school history and art and could eat miso soup every day. He loves the soundtrack to the movie Xanadu and plays video games in a way his parents might have wished he would one day perform surgery - with precision, elegance and a personal touch. He started Warm Ones with Brett Whitacre as a recording project when they were both members of The Saps (Spin Magazine).

Mike Metz (bass) is the audio director for a video game company, although he refuses to level up. He joined the line up last fall when he won the band's Blintz on a Bass contest where he successfully balanced 7 cheese blintzes on the neck of his guitar for a half hour. This worked a lot better than posting an ad on craigslist. Mike has resided in Chicago for the last 10 years and still has not met a tamale guy he didn't like. He will occasionally rock a neckbeard that would make Kyle Orton proud.

Mike Wszolek (guitar) Guitar? Check. Beard? Check. Blaze? We think he's got it. In addition, Mike enjoys wasting time on facebook at work and cooking food spicy enough to make you choke on your own snot. Mike has an identical twin that we have not met, although once Mike's Facebook status had him "checking in" at an Old Town bar in the middle of our set at the Empty Bottle. His brother filled in admirably, and the matter was never discussed.

Jon Adler (drums) is a design and animation guru who loves all things vintage and nostalgic. He also enjoys 5 pocket corduroy pants and hopes to one day be the proud owner of an actual Eero Aarnio pod chair. He once played a drum fill that lasted 32 bars and it was totally appropriate for the song. Since becoming a father, the band has taken to calling him "Dadler".  


Warm Ones Extended Family Like any band, Warm Ones have had a line up change or five. Life happens, man. Here's a list of great people that we still call Warm Ones.

Brett Whitacre Human metronome and demolition derby enthusiast, Brett Whitacre spends his spare time combing city alleys for window frames, TVs and suitcases on which to make amazing paintings. Once he came home with a pair of pants he had found flattened out in the street. They were nice pants, he said. Brett was drumming for The Saps when Sackett joined the band in 2003 and later the two started recording what would become Sprezzatura. In 2006, Brett joined Th' Legendary Shack Shakers and has since been touring the world with them. Making art. Living the dream. We hate him.

Devon Bryant had already been engineering and performing on the Warm Ones record when he decided to make it a real band and joined in on bass. Also a former member of great Chicago bands Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Brighton, MA, Devon moved to St. Paul, MN last year in pursuit of freezing his balls off, where he continues to make music. Sped up audio of Devon talking about Dr. Who sounds like a fax machine.

Olivia Sackett was recruited for Warm Ones' first show as their answer to Bob Nastanovich. Her role, described simply as "pure energy", consisted of singing, playing tambourine and triggering samples. She received more compliments than her brother Tony after the show and was promptly thrown out of the band. Olivia is now an attorney living in Connecticut. Cha-ching.

Brandon Durham was fronting his incredible band Palaxy Tracks when he did sound for an early Warm Ones show at the Beat Kitchen. Afterward, he asked Tony if they were a trio on purpose and, luckily, they were not. Possibly the world's gentlest soul, Brandon enjoys Dr. Pepper, antiquing and Death Metal. In 2007, he left Chicago and toured with The Octopus Project for a while before settling in Austin, TX, where he runs his own graphic design firm.

Jim Tuerk does three things. He drinks. He smokes. He blazes. He does not play games. Also a member of Brighton, MA, the hirsute Tuerk effortlessly fell into the band's pattern of practicing for 30 minutes then drinking beer, chit-chatting and busting out STP and Pearl Jam covers for an hour and a half. When Jim decided to leave the Warm Ones, he took Sackett and Matt Kerstein of BMA out to dinner. There he gave Kerstein a "buds 4 life" guitar pick and Sackett was asked to leave the restaurant. No games


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