Just wanted to let you in on some fun shows coming up this summer, very soon. We are going to be playing The Hideout, June 5th followed up by a Saturday afternoon performance at Ribfest, June 7th.

Directly after the show we'll be covering ourselves in BBQ sauce, or maybe before, who knows? Come by the Budlight Stage and say hi. Bring the kids... and some wetnaps.

Also, Warm Ones have become slightly more famous in the television and commerical world, by having our track 'Bacteriostatic' appear in a new national TV ad campaign for Miller Fortune beer. The spot is called 'Authorized' and features slightly more famous British actor, Mark Strong. If you turn your speakers or headphones all the way up, you may be able to hear the Warm Ones playing from inside the rock club. A very subtle use of our most bombastic tune, but we'll take it.

And for those of you who get your music for free from the internet, you should know that you can find all our released music on Spotify and Bandcamp. Please feel free to continuously stream our music while you sleep at night, because for every song you stream, the band will receive $0.006. So a mere 1,000 streams will help provide one rib sample per band member at Ribfest. Thank you in advance. And for some extra listening pleasure, Warm Ones have compiled a Spotify playlist of all the songs we have covered live. It's a lot of fun, and a good way for us to keep track of what we have in our arsenal. More to be added as we learn them.


It's been a little while since you've heard from us, but we just wanted to let you know that you can expect at least a handful of new Warm Ones tunes in the not too distant future, and possibly a music video. In the meantime, come see us at our Schubas show on October 30th with the Drowning Men, on tour.

01/03/12 - LENA: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make A Rock Record

Check out our latest video upload 'MONEY IS NO OPTION', a teaser documentary on the recording of our soon to be released EP 'Lena'. And if you want to receive a free download of the EP, come by our show at Lincoln Hall this Friday, Jan 6th. Or you can ask us very nicely, or like us on Facebook, or join the mailing list.


It's that time of the year again, and we just wanted to shoot off a quick bit of news. Look for new recordings from the Warm Ones sessions at Electrcial Audio, recorded by Steve Albini and just yesterday, mastered by Bob Weston. They will be hot. That's 3 new songs, and one 30 sec coffee jingle for the price of one email address. Just sign up on our mailing list and we'll send you the tunes when they are ready to be released. They also make great Christmas gifts, so sign up all your friends and family. They will thank you later. Also, keep checking back in for new shows. We have one in early December at the Empty Bottle with punk legends, Rocket From The Tombs, followed by our first show at Lincoln Hall with Otter Petter, just after the New Year.


Warm Ones are excited to release their first music video for a new track titled 'Checking In'. At just over 1 min in length, it is short and sweet and available as a free download. Check out the video under the 'MEDIA' tab on the left. It is also hosted on Vimeo and the Warm Ones Facebook page. And since you're already wasting time at work, please enjoy a couple new free downloads off our site. You can grab the mix for 'Checking In' as well as an alternate 'Fallujah Mix' for the track 'Toys', which appeared on the album Sprezzatura. Enjoy! More stuff to come in the near future, as well as a headline show at Subterranean on Saturday, August 20th.



It's been a little while since we posted any news, but now we have something worth writing home about. After playing some great shows this past year at the Hideout, Schubas and Beat Kitchen, Saki Records and an upcoming show at Subterranean, Warm Ones are heading back into the studio to lay down some more tracks.

This time we will be going into Electrical Audio and will have the opportunity to record 3 new songs with Chicago's esteemed recording engineer (don't call him a producer) Steve Albini. We are pretty amped up about that and can't wait to hear the end result. This is in addition to the new block of songs already recorded earlier in the year with Pete Andreadis of Baby Teeth at Strobe Recording Studios And based on the rough mixes, they are sounding great. So look for new music coming soon, as well as new music videos and a contest to 'Win a Date With the Warm Ones'. Details to follow.

And in case you missed it, here is a nice article written for Chicago Tunes by Warm Ones frontman Tony Sackett, in which he discusses two albums that inspired him to write and record music.



Many will not remember a time before the Warm Ones. Much like human history before the advent of the written word, or the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire. Time did not exist. It is safe to say that from now on history will be discussed in terms of 'before' and 'after' Warm Ones. The calendar will be reset to the year 0. And what a year it has been.

It began with Warm Ones releasing their debut album 'Sprezzatura' to a packed house at The Hideout, and soon after embarking on a grueling year long tour of Chicago. Sadly, in the middle of this journey, the band lost 2 of it's members to cholera and typhoid, and were hindered several times when their oxen died, the wheel axel on the wagon had to be repaired, or the GPS on their Iphone stopped working. Nevertheless, the band pressed on, hunting bison and bear, picking up 2 new members, Mike Metz and Mike Wszolek along the trail, and fording the Blue River crossing until reaching their final destination on January 15th, in Chicago at the Beat Kitchen. There the band will open for their good friends The Saps and Kentucky Knife Fight.

Directly after the show, the Warm Ones will go back into the studio to begin recording their second full album, a triple disc existential rock opera about the Napoleonic Wars paralleled against the isolating effects of modern technology on society.

Also, this month, the Warm Ones debut album 'Sprezzatura' received high accolades from two music press sources who listed the album in their Top Ten / Best Of Lists for 2010, Windy City Rock, and Chicago Tunes, further cementing the Warm Ones in the annals of music history as the band that defined the decade, nay, the Millenia.



Warm Ones will be headlining the Beat Kitchen on October 28th in a concerted effort to raise around $50 to help with rent. They will be supported by Love In October, Rego and Tell Your Friends. In conjunction with this announcement, there is a new Q&A you can check out with Warm Ones' Tony Sackett on Windy City Rock. In the article, Tony discusses a range of topics from the band's history, it's influences, and it's recent political endorsement of the "RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH" party.


                  AT THE EMPTY BOTTLE

Warm Ones are excited to announce their next show this Labor Day weekend, Sunday, September 5th with special guests from Detroit Silverghost and the Nothingheads from Chicago.

Silverghost is an electronic duo that Spin Magazine calls a "lo-fi, buzzy dance-rock sound is equal parts cool and crazed", and Timeout New York describes as a "a commanding Detroit garage-pop outfit with an arty yet raw new-wave edge."

The Nothingheads are another Chicago band on the rise, and we are excited to play our first show with them as well. Timeout Chicago says "Chicago's catchy Nothingheads specialize in a kind of skronky and strange guitar rock that doesn't forget hooks in its pursuit of weirdness."

The show is part of the Empty Bottle $3 Sunday Series, and Monday is a day off for most folks, so we hope to see you there. And since a ticket is half the price of your average Chicago burrito, you really can't afford not to.

07/25/10 - WARM ONES welcome Mike Wszolek and rock the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival....

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at The Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. Warm Ones were the last band on the Hairpin Lofts Stage, which was basically held in the turning lane in front of the Crown Liquors store at Kimball and Milwaukee. We didn't see a lot of art at the festival, but there was plenty of rock on the stage and drunk people in the street, which is all we ask for.

Warm Ones would also like to announce the acquisition of Mike Wszolek on guitar. Former guitarist, Jim Tuerk, recently signed an exclusivity deal with good friends Brighton MA, so Mike was sent up from a triple A band in Fond du Lac, WI. Welcome to the show, Mike!



03/10/10 - WARM ONES interview on 93XRT with RICHARD MILNE, live on SMALL CHICAGO, and playing SCHUBAS....

This Sunday evening, March 14th at 7:30pm, Warm Ones will be profiled on 93XRT's Local Anesthetic. Tony and Jon will be interviewed by Local Anesthetic host Richard Milne, in addition to playing several tracks off of the new album. We would like to thank Richard Milne for bringing us on the show, for his massive support of the band and the album, and most importantly, for his endless support of the local Chicago music scene. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. Tune in this Sunday and every Sunday to 93.1 on the FM, and listen to us say things on the radio.

Also this past month, Warm Ones performed live on Small Chicago. Small Chicago is a live music web series produced by Justin North, audio mastermind, and Todd Tue, co-owner of Milk Products Media. The idea for the series spawned from a desire for a new Old Grey Whistle Test, an appreciation for Austin City Limits, and the fact that they happento know a lot of really great musicians in Chicago. This is the second episode of Small Chicago, in which local artists are brought down into a dungeoness basement with low ceilings and protruding rusty nails and asked to perform 3 songs live, under a 2 camera setup, all captured in one raw take. We think it turned out great. At least it looks great. Thank you Small Chicago for having us. Follow the link to watch the videos, Small Chicago, and check back for future episodes.

And last but not least, Warm Ones will be playing their next Chicago show at Schubas later this month as part of the Amplify New Music Series. Warm Ones are headlining the show with Village and Honest Engines. The show is March 24th at 9pm. Come out to support us, and we may have some leftover astronaut ice cream for you.

02/08/10 - WARM ONES 2010: The Year We Make Contact

Thank you to everyone who came out to the CD Release Show at The Hideout. We packed the house and melted faces. In addition to getting their hands on the new album, fans were also able to pick up Warm Ones t-shirts, buttons and astronaut ice-cream. And there was much rejoicing.

In the two weeks since our show at the Hideout, a lot has been happening. Warm Ones' new album has been grabbing the attention of the press and local media. Prior to the release show, 'Sprezzatura' received a pretty positive review from Chicago Tribune writer Matt Pais in Metromix and the Redeye. We appeared live in the studio on Fearless Radio to promote the album and the show. And Timeout Chicago had a little blurb to promote the CD release. This past week, three of our songs; "Business Relations", "Hot Flash", and "Like A Game", received radio airplay on 93XRT. Host Richard Milne had some very flattering things to say about the new record, drawing comparisons to elements of the White Stripes, XTC, and the Kinks, and going so far as to call "Sprezzatura" one of his favorite new releases of the new year. We have also been invited onto Richard Milne's show 'Local Anesthetic' sometime this spring. So we look forward to that. Check back in with the website and Facebook fan page for the latest updates.

For those of you who have not yet had the chance to get a copy of the album, it is available to purchase digitally on Itunes,, and Amazon among other places. If you want to get your hands on a physical copy, it is available in Chicago wherever fine records are sold. Or, until our online store has been setup, you can email to request a copy, and we will deliver it to your door in 30 minutes or less.

                  AT THE HIDEOUT ...AND OTHER NEWS

It has been a long time, but Warm Ones are back, and we would like to assure you we mean business. We closed out 2009 with a special show in Minneapolis with our friends Aviette and Al Church and State. It was a great show, with good friends. We will be back. Now we are charging into 2010 like a bull in a china shop. If you haven't noticed already, Warm Ones have launched their new website. This is what you are looking at right now. We are now legit. And if you can't get enough Warm Ones here, you can follow us on Facebook, Myspace, Lala, Reverb Nation ...basically we are everywhere now. Just look behind you.

And in case you were wondering if Warm Ones exist in reality as an actual physical band, this January 21st 2010, we are coming out from our winter hibernation cave like a Sasquatch Lazarus from the dead, dispelling all the myths and postulations to present you our debut LP, "Sprezzatura", in the flesh. Warm Ones will be playing a much anticipated CD Release Show at the Hideout. This will also be our first Chicago show with the newest Warm Ones member, Mike Metz (bass). Mike has recently taken the position of the irreplaceable (yet we found a way to replace him anyway), Devon Bryant. Our former bassist and recording engineer, Devon, was traded mid-season to Minneapolis for the left-handed rookie bassist, a six pack of Modelo Especial, and a falafel sandwich.

So if you can only go to one Warm Ones show this week, this is the one to be at. In addition to obtaining your very own copy of Sprezzatura on an all but obsolete format, you can also spend more money on Warm Ones t-shirts, buttons and astronaut ice cream (you read that right).

The Warm Ones promise to make it a face melter.


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